Monday Matters: Real Life Stuff

(AKA the Not-Running Stuff)

I’ve mentioned in passing that I’m apartment hunting, so I figured I’d take a post here to share the “real life” stuff in between races.

TL:DR version: after 5.5 years, at the end of our lease, boyfriend and I will be parting ways in housing options and in life. No one hates each other. Life changes, and we change with it, sometimes together, sometimes apart. Coincidentally, this time is the same amount of time that Sarah Marshall and Peter Bretter dated in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I foresee a Dracula Musical in my future.


So I’m hunting. Our lease is up at the end of August.

In typical runner fashion, my priorities in an apartment include a first floor place, with space for my treadmill in a corner. Last time I apartment hunted, I was worried about finding a place for the dog. This time, it’s my treadmill. Both have proved challenging to accommodate, but are non-negotiable:-)

Thus far, the 1 bedroom pickings in my price range have been ridiculous in that “I’m too old and picky to be apartment hunting” type way. If nothing else, my sense of humor and knack for sarcasm have been piqued. Jersey housing costs are for the birds, man.


So far I’ve seen:

-a place where I could touch both walls with my arms out ($1050)

-got stood up completely (thanks, always-reliable craigslist)

-a place with a 2nd floor door that goes nowhere ($1050)


Inside the apartment, that door was in the kitchen. So weird.

-a studio with no closets ($1250)

-a place with zero yard space, one tiny closet, and where all of the other tenants smoke on the shared front porch, yick ($1150)

-a place with a a creepy black basement aluminum door with concrete steps doing down to it ($1250)


dark and ominous.

So that’s the real-life saga behind the running currently. No lease has been signed yet, but hopefully I’ll find “home” soon. Promise the blog will be back to its regularly scheduled running happenings shortly!

In the meantime, I’ll continue to hunt for a place where my medals and treadmill will be happy and healthy 😉


medal packing


6 thoughts on “Monday Matters: Real Life Stuff

  1. We just recently were apartment, then house-hunting and it was so frustrating. I really hope you find something nice AND affordable. Seems like you have a lot of things going on in your life… but I hope the breakup is not too hard (although, you were together 5.5. years – that’s a long time!).

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    • Frustrating is definitely the right word on the housing end! Looking for a place to live was so much easier in my 20’s. Now I feel like I have way too many opinions by 34. And thank you. It wasn’t easy, and won’t be, but in the end the right decision. I appreciate your support!!


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