Purposeful Overloading, in Races and Life

I just realized that I have one quiet month left in my life: July. By quiet, I mean three 5ks and just my regular 9 to 5 job.

And then by mid-August, the shiz is definitely going to hit the fan. All in the last week or two, I’ve suddenly made myself very busy as of August.
Along with the move that will inevitably be happening in the month of August (though, as I mentioned in my last post, location is still TBD), by the end of summer I will also:

-Take my GREs for the second time, since my old ones are “too old” to be accepted by my doctoral program (Aug 18th!)

-Teach a class (my second job, adjuncting – August 22 session starts)

-Begin my next Doctoral class (starts Sept 6)

And, most importantly,

Start training to RUN A GREAT FALL RACE!


Race-wise, I wasn’t sure what I would go with this Fall, but after successfully coaching my mom to her first long race and medal at this race last fall, I made the decision that I will be returning to the Perfect 10 Miler in October. My BFF also decided that she’ll be joining this year too, to return to the world of long running after having a baby last December. So it will be a comfortable, joyful, friend-filled race – which will work for me.


Who wouldn’t want to relive that super cute post-race photo?

I would have loved to go out of the box, and do a race-cation and try something new, or travel. But with all of the craziness that is happening in my life this summer (and fall), I felt best going with a race that I know and love. One that feels comfortable, like home. I won’t stress over the course, I won’t stress over getting there in the morning, and I know that CGI puts on a great race with lots of support. So it is a done deal! I’ll probably add in some more 5k’s through August and Sept, too – Seaside Semper Five is already back on the menu – but the Perfect 10 will be my main focus. My last two long races have been at my mom’s pace, but I feel comfortable leaving her to run her own race now, and get back to running hopefully a little bit faster. I hope to gain some speed this summer, and be able to race my own race by the time October comes.


I am excited and nervous for all of this busy-ness that will happen, but I know myself: I deal best with change (in life and in love) by keeping busy. I cope best when I don’t have time to dwell, and when I have to keep trucking.


So I will spend July enjoying the sun and some casual, short races – but by the time August comes? It is full speed ahead!



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