Milltown Firecracker 5k Race Recap

This essentially “The Race That Started It All” for me – the first goal race I ever had. when I started running, I wanted to run this race: my local 5k that I’d heard all about my friends running for years prior on the morning of the 4th of July. So every year, I feel obligated to come back and run it – PLUS, who doesn’t love a theme party? I look forward to pulling out my red, white, and blue each year. This year we finally got our shiz together and got matching t-shirts.


The weather on the morning of July 4th could not have been better – it was in the 60s, with a breeze and not much humidity compared to the weather we’ve had recently. Definitely ideal, because some years this race is a REAL scorcher! The race itself is pretty simple – mostly local runners, lots of high schoolers and townies.

My mother, my BFF, and I have run this race the past few years – this year, it was even better: my mom had talked my niece, Skylar, into running her very first race! The kids’ 1 Mile Fun Run goes off prior to the 5k each year. About 100 kids were signed up this year! I knew it could end one of two ways: with crying or very, very happy. She’s 7 1/2, so most things end up one of those two ways.

We began the morning by walking down to Boro Park and taking pics of our super cute outfits.


See? How cute are we. My mom, me & Sky

The kids’ race starts at 7:45, and the 5k begins at 8:10. The kids race went off, and my mom ran beside Sky.


15 minutes later, they came around the bend – still smiling!! Sky even gave us a sweet wave on the way to the finish.


This was so cute. Skylar was SO HAPPY. I’m hoping she’ll want to do it again next year 🙂


Then, right after, mom, my BFF, and I toed the line for the 5k. I was on the fence about if I’d “race” this or just run comfortably. I ended up deciding that I didn’t feel like “racing” racing. My goal became to try to stay with my BFF, who was running with her double jogger.

The race starts with a cannon – and every year it scares the bejesus out of me, even though I know its coming.


The race start – and the smoke from the cannon!

I should’ve known that she’d end up running faster than me, even with the stroller, but at the beginning I thought we’d just have a stroll in the park. This course is hilly compared to a lot of other local races – just after mile 1 there is a decent hill, then a long rolling hill up to mile 2, and another short hill at about 2.5, and a final hill just before the finish line. So for me, this is always a toughie. I was able to keep up with her until around mile 2 – and until then my mom was smoking us both too!! At that point, she passed me for one last time, and bid her back farewell… And just hoped that I had enough in me to not get beaten by my mom, too.  She faded a bit in that last mile, so we came in my BFF, then me, then mom. Actually, that’s pretty much the order we usually finish – except I had really hoped not to get beaten by my BFF with the double jogger, dangit. Oh, well.  I’m glad to see her getting her racing chops back – and at least I know I’ll have a cheering squad finishing ahead of me at all the races we do from here on out!!

I wasn’t terribly disappointed in my splits.


Could I have ran faster if I had really pushed it? Sure. But I did enjoy the race, and knew I had a long day ahead after, so not feeling like death was important. Overall, it wasn’t my best race, but I also went in thinking I’d go kind of easy(ish).


My next race will be the Undy Run/Walk in Long Branch on July 16th. It is a new race to me, so I am not sure what the crowd will be like, but it looks like a lot of fun. Since it is Long Branch, I’m guessing its a largely flat course so that always makes me happy – and hopefully I’ll be able to really put it all out there. I found a pair of sparkly undies at Target the other day that will SURELY be my over-spandex “undie” participation. Lord knows I can’t pass up a theme party 🙂


Have any of you ever done an “Undy” run or something similar?? I’m excited to see what goes down and hope that people have on fun outfits!


2 thoughts on “Milltown Firecracker 5k Race Recap

  1. Nice work, lady! And how fun that your niece ran her first race, too! I wish my aunt would have taken me on a race when I was little 🙂

    Very intrigued to hear all about the undy run 🙂

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