Taking Some Time

Over the weekend, I went out for a little 4 mile jog, in the humidity and heat we’ve been having. I knew it wouldn’t be terribly pretty, so my expectations were pretty low. I’m beginning a training cycle starting the 13th, and all of my training plans start with 5 miles, so I figured this would be good.


Cue the chill sweats from mile 0.5 on. I walked a little here and there. I did keep moving, though, and averaged a disappointing 13:04 pace.



Those miles felt the way 11’s felt a few months ago. Back then, 13’s would’ve felt like walking. This isn’t a great way for me to kick off a training cycle, on legs that feel heavy and tired.

I took Sunday off, thinking my legs needed a rest, instead of trying to do two runs on the weekend. Usually, I like to try to get two in since it makes my week days less stressful (and this time of year, the temps are better on the weekend mornings than after work on a weekday!).

I went out on Monday, mentally feeling rested, for my usual 3ish miles. My legs felt like absolute LEAD. Sure, it was warm but it wasn’t completely terrible. First mile ticked off at 12:51. The second at 13:11, and the third at 12:06. Just like Saturday’s run, they felt tougher than 11 minute miles had felt back in May or June.


Double Eeek.

Weather has been rough these last few weeks, humidity galor. But my legs themselves were feeling dead. I put my compression sleeves on and promptly put my feet up on the couch.


PS, how cute are my new tie dye sleeves?

I know I’ve been moving for the past few weeks (mostly by myself so far, every day at lunch and weekend trips), hauling boxes and bags of things I didn’t even know I had (okay, maybe I did). All of these are probably excuses though, and they mentally added up for me on Monday.

They added up to me needing a break.

Just as I’m kicking off a new training cycle for my fall race, The Perfect 10 Miler, in October.

This weekend I’m due to run a nice, short 5 miles as the very first week of training. As of Monday, I decided that my legs are taking the week off of running until then. Yes, they’ll still be moving boxes, but I won’t make them run. Just this week. As hard as it seems (shooooooot, what will I Instagram about?!), I think it needs to happen. When I looked back at my Garmin data from May and June, my  mid-week runs were easily hitting mid 11 minute paces (and I was feeling pretty darn good, too!). Since July 4th, they’ve steadily risen to high 12’s and 13’s. Not where I want to be, and everything that points to giving my stems a rest.


Let’s talk next week. Hopefully that 5 mile kick off will feel okay, and by the time we’re chatting again I’ll be all moved into my new place, and a little bit more stress free than I feel right now  (big move day is the 16th!).  Fingers crossed!


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