Sticking to it, Even when it ain’t pretty

When we last talked, I was taking the week off of running.

That part what pretty successful. I began my training cycle with 5 miles, and though slow because the humidity and heat was oppressive, my legs didn’t feel terrible. I did manage to drink an entire camelbak through only 5 miles. It seriously felt like I was running on the surface of the sun.


So. Much. Sweat.

My splits weren’t anything to be too proud of (avg 13:04s), but I know well enough that logging miles counts. It counts no matter how fast or slow I run them, even more so because I’m not a huge stickler for time when I race.

This week, after spending the week moving and then with some unexpected tragedy in the family, I laced up again twice. Mid-week, post-move, I got in my first short run in my new town, and actually felt pretty good!


Happy faced runner. 

I averaged 12:07s for three miles and was happy with that. I did, however, figure out that pretty much any route in my new town requires me to finish on an uphill. Turns out my house is the “top of the world” in my new town. Good on the way out, bad on the way back… but in the end, one day I’ll be able to run up that hill instead of stopping to walk it – and that will be awesome.

Then, this Saturday, I got out for my “long” run on the schedule: 6 miles. It was slightly more temperate than I expected when I began. The first three miles felt okay. A little hot but not too bad, and my splits were fine. However, the second half, the wheels came off. I started sweating like crazy, kept getting bitten by flies, and drained my handheld water. I had to stop to walk so many times in the last three miles. Mentally, I think I sort of gave up a little.


This is about where I started walking more than running, & taking pics to distract myself from my own misery.


But eeek, the second half of those splits!









All in all, it has been an exhausting, emotional, mental, and physical last two weeks. I’m hoping that by this coming weekend (another 6 on the schedule), things will begin to quiet down and I can get back into a real routine. My new apartment is slowly coming together, but is honestly a bit of a train wreck at the same time, partially fed by my disenchantment with having to downsize to a 1br apartment, alone. I’m flip flopping between sadness and anger most days, as I slowly have to start a “new” life.


I feel you, Artax.

My goal for the coming week includes just sticking it out, even when it sucks. Getting out there, until it feels good again. Or at least semi-good, mentally.


2 thoughts on “Sticking to it, Even when it ain’t pretty

  1. Good for you, lady. There is a balance between taking a break/rest and pushing to keep with the schedule. Sometimes toughening it out is the way to go.


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