Forward Movement

Life is moving forward, and running is continuing, with a nice warm 6 miler on Sunday. I’m not saying I’m back to full glitter unicorn status, but I’ll get there.


I am happy (and lucky) to have my BFF, who is also my BRF, back in the town that I now live in. She typically runs faster than I do (she even managed to kick my buns on the 4th of July while wheeling a 3 year old and 7 month old in a double jogger), but sucked it up and joined me at my slow pace for this weekend’s long run. She, my mother, and I are all signed up for the same Fall race, The Perfect 10 Miler, so our schedules are all matchy-matchy for long runs.

While last week’s 6 miler alone was hot and sticky and the wheels came off completely half way through, while this week’s run still got warm, the wheels stayed on, they just got a little slower. In fact, I will actually say that I felt better during this week’s run. While the pace wasn’t where I should be to race (and hopefully will race faster come October), it was fine for me. I wasn’t able to talk too comfortably, but could speak a bit without dying. We did take some walk breaks, but still kept a respectable overall 12:59 average.

While I often truly enjoy running alone for the quiet of it, I do find that I push myself more when I am with others. I take less walk breaks, and I try a bit harder. I suppose I don’t want to let anyone down. I’m not entirely sure I’d want to do every run with that type of pressure, but I do enjoy a good once a week-er with someone I enjoy the company of, when I can.


My plan for the week is simply to get back into a routine. I’ve started teaching again, and am rolling that into my routines as well. Hopefully I’ll run Tuesday/Thursday, leaving myself time to grade and work in the evenings the other days, before a weekend long run. Just enough, and hopefully not so much as to tire me out completely.  I just remembered that I’ve got a 5k coming up in September as well (Seaside Semper Five), and have a game plan to just try to keep my miles in the 11’s for that race. High or low, I don’t care, just hopefully under 12’s all three miles. In good news, I’ve done it before and know it is flat as a pancake, and should be cooling off down the shore by then!


How do you feel about running with friends? Do you prefer to always have company, or would you rather run alone? I’ve found that I like it once in a while, but not for every single run. I like keeping to my own schedule too much to always accommodate others (and sometimes, just want to stay in my own head)! #TypeA


2 thoughts on “Forward Movement

  1. Way to go lady getting those miles in. I definitely enjoy solo running over group running most days… but I am saying that because I don’t really have any running buddies around here. Maybe it would change my mind, if it was a run (+coffee afterwards) with a girlfriend 😉

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    • I definitely think that balance is key. For me, it is mostly by myself but a once in a while for a change is quite nice. A little breakfast or coffee after surely never hurt either 🙂


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