Food Friday

It has been a while since I’ve shared some food on here, and honestly, with spending the last few weeks moving (and even before that, once I knew I was leaving our last place, really de-motivating at home) I haven’t been motivated to cook much of anything.

Now that I am about as “settled” as I am going to be in my new apartment, I took the time to make some pretty good meals this last week! I even had some dinner guests, my BFF and her adorable little kids.

On Sunday, my grill was brought over from storage at my parents’ house. This inspired me to grill up some goodness!  I was craving fennel (which I LOVE!), so I went with a base of fennel, orange and arugula salad – and then grilled up a London broil to thin slice on top.


The fennel salad is super simple, and if you google around, you’ll get the basics. I just used fennel sliced thinly, mixed them up with oranges and their juice, as well as a little olive oil and red wine vinegar and salt and pepper. I let that sit in the fridge for a bit before dinner, and didn’t mix in the arugula then.

Later, once I grilled up the steak, I put down a layer of arugula, then the fennel/orange salad (and used the juice as dressing), with the steak on top! I’m not a huge steak eater, but I love this combo. I enjoyed it the next day too (I’ll have to work on cooking for only one again… it will take time, I’m sure).

Then, mid-week, I planned out some crock-pot awesomeness. I used a recipe from Gimme Some Oven ( a fave site of mine!) to cook Chicken Tortilla Soup in the crock pot.

It was incredibly easy. As in, the only thing I had to chop in the morning before work was a single onion. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of crock pot recipes where there is a ton of prep! That is just not going to happen for me before work. So this was absolutely perfect.


And, as it turns out, delicious.

Also highly recommended – the Flying Dog White Peach Saison in the pic! Totally refreshing, not too spicy at all.  Some of the Flying Dog beers are a little too boozy tasting for me (but if you love high ABVs, they’ve got a ton), but this one is just right.

I hope to get my cooking game back on point, so look forward to more of these little interludes from the running stuff 🙂

PS- did some intervals yesterday and totally crushed my current average time for 3 miles… 11:08s! Woop Woop! So happy to see something OTHER than 12’s or 13’s, which have been plaguing me since mid-July.




What’s on YOUR menu this weekend? Anything particularly delicious? Happy Friday, everyone!


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