It’s not the Heat, it’s the Humanity.

This weekend and last were a tale of two very different running stories.

Last weekend, the humidity had cleared, and I was finally starting to see happy times on my long run again. Both weekends were blocked at 7 miles, so it is easy to compare.
Last weekend, I came away from my long run feeling like I finally was getting the effects of training that I’d hoped. Feeling some endurance building up, and those slow hot runs all through July and August were finally paying off. During the week prior, I did some intervals and came away with my quickest average time in a long time, 11:08/mi. That even included some HILLS in there! Even my short runs that felt tough were surprisingly okayish, in the low 12’s (instead of the low 13’s, where they would have been in July/August). My long run felt good – I was so elated at the end that I didn’t feel like total garbage, like I have so often in these past months. I had hope! Real hope!



And then this weekend happened. About mid-week, the dreaded humidity returned. In all honesty, my brain hates the thought of laying blame for my sluggishness on weather, but based on this comparison, it seems like it is the only thing left to blame. I went out well-rested and well-hydrated this week for the very same 7 miles… and had to stop for a walk break just about every mile, and nearly drained my entire Camelbak.


Cue the sad trombones.


Of course, as of now, the humidity is gone again! I am incredibly hopeful that next weekend’s 8 miles on the schedule will feel easy again. I have the Seaside Semper 5(K) to race on Saturday. My BFF and my mom will be along for the ride, and maybe if we are lucky and the weather is right, we’ll tack on an extra 5 miles after and do our long runs together! My goal for the race itself is hopefully average mile paces in the low 11’s. It is a pancake flat course (down the street then up onto the board walk, out and back) in a place I know well, and a race I’ve run before. Originally I thought I’d be in the 10’s for a 5k by now, but I’m not taking any bets. I’m looking forward to hopefully a cool morning with a soft ocean breeze 🙂


Was the humidity killing your vibe this weekend too?

Any races coming up?


3 thoughts on “It’s not the Heat, it’s the Humanity.

  1. Lady, YOU KNOW that the humidity is to blame and that we have to adjust our ‘efforts’ to the outside conditions. It’s super-tough to accept that you WILL inevitably run slower in the heat/humidity, but it’s just another part of conditioning/training. I think it’s awesome that you still got out there. I was so “lazy” this week (well, life happened).


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