More of the Same

First and foremost, thank you all for joining my giveaway last week! The winner has been contacted (congrats, Jen W!).


Onto the nitty gritty.

My last “long run” of this training cycle was last Saturday. I had such high hopes that it would go better than last week’s long run, another 8 miler, and I could look back and say it was just a fluke! If you recall, last time I reported that my first 5 miles were crap, and the last 3 were great. I did it all right. I hydrated.

I  fueled right the night before.


But then the exact same thing happened again.



Wah wah. I drowned my sorrows by spending the rest of Saturday at a Beer Festival, so that worked out alright.


And then, once again, during the week, I had no problem running my fastest 5k time since June 5th.


No problem. The first mile of the above run felt exactly the same as the first mile during my long run – except the long run’s was 13:30, and this one was 10:57. No joke.

What. The. Heck.

There is only one thing that I can think of as a possibility left as to why my body is doing this lately. Otherwise, I’ve been doing everything absolutely the same as previous training cycles for YEARS now, and have never seen splits that slow for my first couple miles. Honestly, for half marathons, I usually have a great first 10k then my second half is where my time starts to fade (but nowhere near this drastic of numbers).

This is my first real training cycle on a new medication for my stomach, and before a long run on the weekend, I will wake up an hour earlier, take my pill and eat something. The only change from previous training cycles? Taking the pill. However, I can’t not take it before a long run – it stops me from… uh… needing a restroom every mile, so I’m not willing to take that chance.  On my other, faster mid-week short runs, I am NOT taking the meds an hour before, I’m going for the run THEN taking my next dose (because I know I can make it through a short run most days). So the only thing left to think is that my meds are affecting that first hour of running, but by the second hour (the last couple miles on these long runs), I’m feeling back to normal again. I can’t physically feel the difference, everything feels the same – my times are just way, way slower.

If this is the case, I’ll know on race day. I’ll be up 4 hours at minimum before the race (which I definitely DON’T do in training), so my meds will get taken much earlier than they have been. If this is what the cause really is, then my legs should be good to go by the time the gun goes off. I’m hoping so, because at least then I know I’m not going crazy and all of a sudden dropping 1-2 mins per mile off of my normal average. Mentally, it’ll make me feel better, at least!


What are your thoughts on medication interactions and running? Have you ever experienced an issue with meds affecting your running? Tell me more!


2 thoughts on “More of the Same

  1. Yes! Medication has affected my runs in the past (stomach cramps and nausea)! As well as any kind of supplements! Come to find out most recently, so does food!! I can’t eat anything other than 1 or 2 Belvita biscuits before a run or I get super sick. I first made this connection in March, then by July, it really hit home. I also have to eat the Gu sparingly. So, yeah, it all affects me… totally understand your plight.


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