What I Ate Wednesday

After a successful (complete with panting/sweating) 6 mile run with my BFF, I am full on into taper mode until race day on October 23rd! I am definitely not one of those people who can’t stand tapering… I whole heartedly enjoy taking it easy for a week or two!

Plus, my BFF pushed me to actually finish my run at a decent pace… then we got coffee/donuts and went out separate ways. Perfect way to end the training cycle!

Anyhow, since the running is going to be short and sweet until the 23rd, I figured I’d throw down a little WIAW! I did some cooking and baking this weekend, and it was glorious.

I came across THREE recipes on Instagram that I absolutely had to try out.

First, the main dish. With fall in the air finally, all of these recipes just sounded SO GOOD!

Slow Cooker Stout Chicken Stew from EatingWell.com

I saw this and said, Ohhhhh Guinness. I love stews, even better with beer. However, I had never made a chicken stew recipe with Guinness, just beef! This was a nice change. The recipe did require a little bit of prep- flouring and pan frying the chicken first, and also cooking the bacon – so maybe not a weekday morning type thing. However, it was a great Sunday meal, and that was the hardest part.


It turned out amazing. Though the recipe didn’t call for it, I cooked up some wide egg noodles and put it on top – Yum! I had also added the celery myself. Don’t leave out the mushrooms though, they are the best part, they give it this awesome beefy taste even though it is chicken. Comforting and rich (yet somehow still from Eatingwell.com???).

Then, I had a housewarming to attend, so I wanted to bring some desserts along. Once again, I answered the call of the Fall season with… apple crisp and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!

First, the Apple Crisp! I saw a pic of this on Instagram, knew I had a bunch of apples at home, and had to make it happen.

A Bountiful Kitchen’s Favorite Apple Crisp recipe was great! It was super easy and delicious.



I finished up with Mel’s Kitchen Café’s recipe for Chocolate Chip Pumpkin cookies. Though I didn’t take any pictures, these won the party. The host even ended up messaging me the next day for the recipe! They were just the right amount of pumpkin, and soft and delicious. Definitely enjoying all the flavors of fall right now… and the extra time that the taper allows for 🙂


How do you keep busy during the taper? Clearly… I cook and bake

Any favorite Fall recipes you love? Share them with me!!


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