Fever all through the night.

It is race week – normally my favorite time! I’m tapering! I’m relaxing! I’m hydrating.

Except this time I’ve got (dun dun dun) a dreaded cold.



Note: Grumpy ass face.

I went bed Monday night feeling like a normal human. Then on Tuesday, I woke up with a uvula the size of my thumb. My throat felt miserable, and I knew it was inevitable. The dreaded cold was coming. I had even been taking Emergen-C all last week to be safe. Zero success.

I’ve been training for dang 10 weeks for a race I love, The Perfect 10 Miler. I got my final race email! I got my bib number! The medals are sparkly and pink! And now the question will be, will I feel well enough to “run” on Sunday? Or will I be the world’s best cowbeller for my mom and BFF while they race their faces off and get their sparkly medals?

I’ve pretty much mentally eliminated the thought that I’ll have a great race day. I ran this race last year and felt fab – luckily, because I was leading my mom into her first ever double digit race finish! I was really hoping I’d come in above those finish times this year, and feel good. However, back in 2013 I ran this race with a chest cold as well, and had one of my worst finish times ever. So I’m hoping maybe somewhere in between the two, if I am able to toe the line.

Until then, I’ll be hydrating, souping, green tea/honey/lemoning and taking all of the Mucinex I can to try to fluuuuuush this darn thing out as quick as humanly possible!


Send me your happy thoughts of recovery and all things HEALTHY!


10 thoughts on “Fever all through the night.

    • Pink sparkly medal in hand. I’m thankful it was Sunday because Saturday rained- given how I felt I would have absolutely DNSd on Saturday. But I toed the line Sunday. It was very slow but I finished and lived to tell about it!


      • Oh, I ran in the rain on Saturday so YES, YES I KNOW. I’m so glad that you were able to get out there and get it done. Are you feeling better now? I hope so!!!

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