Crowd Sourcing My Holiday Wishlist

You all have lead me to some of my best choices in running gear. For example, I was on the fence about what running watch to buy. You all led me outside of what I thought were my top picks to the Garmin Vivoactiv instead, and I actually really love that it is a smartwatch AND a running watch. Surprise! So clearly, you all know me better than I know myself.

With that, I leave you with my raging holiday questions of 2016.

Tell me about your favorite affordable Bluetooth headphones.


I’ve mentioned before that I’m something of a bargain diva, so I don’t need the best quality ever, but I do want something that has okay sound quality (no need for pumpin’ bass or anything like that), stays put in my ears, and doesn’t TOTALLY break the bank.  I’ve really come to enjoy listening to podcasts while running, especially now that my treadmill is out in the garage (aka no TV).


Do you have a favorite wristband ?


I’ve found that my watch straps leave me with rashes if I don’t put something between my skin and the band! What do you use as wristbands, if you use them? I don’t need it to have a pocket, but do prefer something thinner, because my wrists are quite large.


Favorite headlamp?


The gloomy, dark-too-early skies have me thinking about wanting to get out in the dark instead of the dumb treadmill. Again, keep it well-priced! It won’t get year-round use, so no need to get wacky here.


Tell me in the comments about the gear that you already have and love!  


And as for things I already know are on my wish list?

The Toasty Cheeks Skirt from Skirt Sports!


Pic via


While I won’t run in this (too long!), this skirt looks amazingly warm and comfy to wear to work and around town! (PS – my ambassador code 20NET20 will get you 20% off full price items! Woohoo!)


Of course, a new pair of running shoes! This time, an older model of Brooks Ghosts for an awesome price:


I’ve been running in Mizunos lately, but feel like I need some variety in my life. I’ve run in Ghosts prior, so these will be a nice add-in hopefully!


What’s on your fitness wish list this year?


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