I have only one race left on the horizon for this year, more of a “fun” 5k than anything. The Big Chill is a Rutgers University race that collects toys for children instead of a race fee. It is huge, and awesome, close to home, and fun. Every year I get passed by people wearing ridiculous costumes (note: last year’s race recap). Every year, I know this race won’t be a PR because it is clogged up with mostly non-runners… but I don’t care. I know this race will inspire me to wear overly-holidayish clothes, and I know I’ll enjoy myself along the way (PS- already have my outfit picked out.. can’t wait to share in my race recap after!!). This year, the race is December 3, so right around the corner. I can’t wait! Bring on the fast runners passing me in reindeer costumes!


Mom & I from the Big Chill last year!

Since it is now frigid in the Northeast all of a sudden, I’m projecting out what I might want to do in the Spring… OF COURSE!

However, my type-A mind had in the back of my head that mayyyybe I wasn’t really interested in doing the Long Branch Half again this spring. I’m not even sure I want to do a half this spring at all. I may need a break from that distance, and then… this brandy new race popped into my feed:

Garden State 10 Miler

Since this seems to be brandy new, it could be terrible or incredibly tiny (a fear, when you’re already back-of-the-pack in larger races!), but it is literally in the backyard of my last home. I lived 5 minutes from this park, and I know it is a nice park (right near a towpath entrance, too!), so I know the layout, it is close by, and will be easy logistically… and I double checked the website to make sure they give out medals (#blingbling baby!). On top of that, the sign- up fee is $20. Yup, $20. I haven’t run anything over a 5k for that cheap in years. So that being said, even if it sucks, or even if I come in last, I just lost $20.. boohoo. SO MY SPRING GOAL IS SET! I’m pretty excited about that. We’ll talk more once, you know, I’m a little closer… but for now, I love having a goal in mind!



Also – I’ll report back on this but I’m donating my body to science after work today and getting to do a submaximal fitness test for fun (okay, really for a student doing Exercise Science research)! I love working for a University – we get the opportunity to be subjects for all sorts of fun research 🙂 Can’t wait to see where my fitness level is!


Have you ever run a race the first time it was being run? Did you live to tell about it? 



5 thoughts on “Projecting

  1. The most recent inaugural race I ran wasn’t my favorite. It was supposed to be a 5K but it ended up being UNDER 3 miles which was frustrating. Other than that it went well. I was just planning to use it for a new PR since the course was flat, so my time is wicked fast, but it wasn’t really a 5K.

    I’m getting close to planning out Spring races too. Lots floating around in my head, but waiting for some info back about a local race before anything is set in stone.

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    • Ohhhh boy. I’d almost rather a race be juuuuuust slightly long (like .1 or .2, not a ton!) than under shooting it! Dang it. I’m really going in totally thinking “well, if nothing else… it was cheap!!” – maybe an expect-the-worst mentality will keep me positive 😉


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