All the Gilmores

First… if you haven’t watched the revival yet…


Look away until you’ve watched it. Then, come on back and disagree with me in the comments 🙂


Let me begin this diatribe by making it known that I am #TeamLogan. Click away if you hate that too much to keep reading. That being said, I’ve grown attached to the Gilmore Girls even though I came to the series late (the only season I saw live was the awful 7th season).  I know I mostly stick to the running stuff here, but I have all of these feelings and nowhere to put them!

And with that, here are my thoughts on A Year in the Life!

  1. Rory

Oh, Rory. As a 30-something myself, I know we all wander. But your type-A personality and this much wandering? The Rory I knew would have taken a comfortable FT job after the panic set in of not being able to bag good freelance jobs (a magazine, a buzzfeed, an ad agency, who knows) – and would be writing the book that will make her famous on the side. Working hard with a little risk built in, not the other way around. I get being home with mom, totally get that. But the rest… and then the ending? Good lord girl, you are too organized, too together to let that even remotely happen. Come on. All I wanted for you was a happy ending after working so hard in school and work. A decent job, and happy, with or without man. And here you are, instead, in limbo.

  1. The “Wild” Thing

Yes, Lorelai needed to “run away” one more time to find out that what she wanted once and for all was really right at home. But really? Wild? I agree with Jess: No Hello Kitty boots? Run away to a cottage in Maine, don’t claim you hate the outdoors then try to walk the PCT. Dumb, dumb, dumb and seems totally wrong. Also, lasted far too long. And the “revelation” scene was far too predictable.

  1. The Life and Death Brigade Scene

I could watch this scene for hours and hours on end. Remember, I’m #TeamLogan. I loved that every time they saw each other, he looked like he was going to cry, and at the same time like the sun rose in Rory’s eyes. I loved this theatrical save. It was, hands-down, my favorite part of the whole 6 hours. I laughed, I cried, I did both at the same time… within this whole scene. This group, just like Logan, started out as trouble for Rory, but truly came to love her and want to help her feel better. Everyone needs those friends, the ones who bring over a bottle of wine and make you forget your pain exists.

  1. The Musical

The same emotional conclusion could have been met in a much, much shorter format. Way too much time sucked up by this. I get it, the town meetings are great. But suck up a whole act on this musical? Shorter. Give me more of my favorite characters!

  1. Kirk and Petal

So good. Love, love, love.

  1. The Whole “Where is Sookie” thing

Really? You’d run a busy inn with no permanent chef for two whole years? BS. The story line seemed fragmented and silly – and I wished it had been done in a better way.

  1. Emily

I totally LOVED Emily’s arc. I loved her freak out at the DAR (Hello, that’s where Lorelai came from!), I loved her looking comfortable and even slightly carefree in Nantucket with a weirdo family keeping her company. And I LOVED her freaking out small children at the Whaling Museum! You go, girl.

  1. Logan

Again, remember, #TeamLogan here. Matt Czuchry played this beautifully: every time he was with or talking to Rory, I felt like he really cared. Like his heart was still with her, even though he was going through the motions of marrying someone else. Rory shot him down, she denied his proposal: she dug this hole herself. She can’t blame him for continuing on in life… even if its pretty clear he would drop his fiancé at the drop of a hat if Rory would just say she’d be his forever. Call me a romantic (but don’t tell anyone), but when the shit hit the fan for Rory, I wished she’d just cave in and go back to Logan for good: and let Mitchum help her get a great job at a newspaper. Connections, good or bad, make this world go-round. Use it, begrudgingly, and lead the life you know you can. I know these are not popular opinions, but alas, they are mine.

  1. Paris

I love the career they gave her. Leave it to Paris to make something so personal and touchy-feely into something cold and calculated… but perfected. I loved it. Along with the freak out in Chilton – LOL.

  1. Miscellaneous

-I wanted to see the actual PARTY the next day, not the just marriage!

-Hep Alien reunion… oof. Loved seeing Lane though!

-Mr. Kim – LOL

-the whole “pool” thing didn’t make sense to me

-Loved that Michel was around quite a bit

-Jess. Jess. Still “nothing permanent” huh? Typical Jess.

-April. Pointless insertion. Honestly, she annoyed me.

-Christopher. I felt like he could have gotten a litttttle bit more air time. He wouldn’t be keeping in touch at all, even to help out poor jobless Rory’s money woes? Maybe he’s the one secretly paying for all of her flights to London, because lord knows how that’s happening for a girl with no job.

-Taylor: so glad to see you haven’t changed a bit.


AAAAAAaaaaand that’s a wrap! I’ve love to hear your thoughts in the comments if you’re on the Gilmore train, especially since I know I’m in the minority on my #TeamLogan stance! Back to your regularly schedule #runchat next time!

10 thoughts on “All the Gilmores

  1. AMENNNNNNN! I basically agree with you on most points (I’m more Team Nobody/Team Rory than Team Logan… but I do love Logan). My favorite favorite favorite was Emily. It took her this long but I felt like she finally found herself. And I love when she told off the DAR. That was Lorelei through and through and I didn’t even see it that way until you said something.

    I also very much loved that the park rangers were from Parenthood. Sigh. Swoon. Everything.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Part of me wants to go back and rewatch the series … because while I was familiar with all of the characters, I was a bit fuzzy on the details of what happened (maybe I should watch it in chronological order this time! LOL).
    I am team nobody at this point, but did feel that Rory – who always seemed to be so ‘together’ as a younger person, was so all over the place in the revival. God, I wanted to smack her sometimes.
    And agreed, the musical was too long and in stretches just plain WEIRD.

    Loved the Parenthood cameos!! 😉


  3. Okay, I’ll be honest, I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, :D. I never watched the Gilmore Girls, so are you streaming it? Or are they doing a spin-off or reunion? Just curious… maybe it’ll be something I pick up in the future, 😀


  4. Was it just me or did sookie make a cameo during the wild thing? The hard core hiker chick?
    Some scenes just went on entirely too long! The musical and yes the pool thing was weird. Loved Emily, probably the only character that saved it for me.
    I didn’t really like how Rory was the casually sleep with someone’s fiancée girl all of a sudden (even if it is Logan) very out of character for her. I am glad Luke and Lorelei finally sealed the deal though.

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