Winter Faves

Now that winter has truly arrived in Jersey, I wanted to share with you some of the things that I can’t live without in the winter. These are my tried and true BFF’s during the winter months.

First and foremost:



In particular, the Candy Cane flavor of Chapstick. It makes my lips tingly (which I love) – and every winter, since it is seasonal, I stock up with enough to last the whole year long. Amidst all of the new fancy lip balms out there, this one will always be my one true love.

-A warm vest!

I picked up this Toasty vest from Skirt Sports on Amazon for a MERE $25 – WHAAAaaat!? As luck may have it, it is amazing, warm, has a (detachable) hood, some nice reflectivity, and FOUR pockets. Hello, versatility! Cute enough to wear in real life, not just running, too. Heart eyes everywhere.


(PS – I’m a Skirt Sports Ambassador, so if you want to try some gear, use 20NET20 to get 20% off of regular price items!)

-A nice warm, bright outerlayer

I’ve had this Underarmour top since the very first winter I began running – 9-10 years ago no. It has been a staple in my running life, and I still love it. It is super bright and reflective.


-A wind resistant, warm jacket.

One of my least favorite parts of winter is cold wind. Even if it is dry out, a biting wind can be a real downer for me. This jacket from LL Bean has been in my life for a while and it is a piece I’ve really come to love. It is quite old, so I’m not sure if it is exactly this jacket, but I believe its closest match is the LL Bean Wind Challenger Fleece Jacket.



wordpress, why won’t you let me turnnnn this photo?? sigh.


When it rains or is snowing heavily – any of these will get an unlined rain jacket over top, the under layer determined by the temperature.


And of course…

-Neck gaiters, Gloves, Earwarmers … the more the merrier! All kinds. I have Reynaud’s, so I sometimes wear multiple pairs of gloves at once… gotta keep those fingers alive!


NJ doesn’t get super duper cold, so I don’t usually need multiple leg-layers (and if I did… I’d probably be on my treadmill instead!). My go-to tight is the Go the Distance tight from Skirt Sports – they just fit me right, and don’t creep down my thighs/crotch area like some others have. Love throwing a high sock or legwarmer on top, too!


All my layers except gloves (cause, you know, camera)


What are your tried-and-true’s that get you through the winter ? 




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