2017: Nowhere to go but UP


Needless to say, if you’ve been reading my blog, you know that 2016 wasn’t a stellar year for me. My 10 year old dog (and best bud/companion) passed after a long medical battle to begin the year in January, my nearly 6 year relationship ended in April, I moved begrudgingly into a teeny 1 bedroom apartment over the summer, and I lost a good friend unexpectedly in August. Not surprisingly, after the fallout, my running was a hot mess. I DNS’d my first race in the summer, and I “ran” my long race of the Fall with some sort of upper respiratory plague (at a pace I could’ve walked at, basically). Not the way I’d have liked the year to go. But I suppose what that means is that 2017 certainly can’t be worse, right? I’ve got nowhere to go but UP!



That’s my “BE GONE, 2016! ” karate kick


Along with those challenges, I seem to be stuck with an extra 10 or so pounds of weight that just won’t budge. Generally, my body loses a few pounds during my spring training cycle for a half, regains a few in between, and then I lose a few again in my fall training cycle, keeping everything pretty even and happy. However, even with those training cycles this year, the weight has stuck around. I’m calling it my breakup weight, and in 2017 its time to make some changes so I can breakup with the weight next! I love being a plus size lady, but I also know that my happy place is about 10 pounds less than I am right now.


I stick my tongue out at you, 2016!

What’s the plan?

Well, I don’t do diets. So that’s out. Food makes me happy. I don’t binge, and honestly my preferred diet includes mostly vegetables and fish anyhow (plus cupcakes and red wine). So while I always try to not be a complete idiot about how I’m eating, I won’t be dieting, per se. Instead, my goal is to make small changes (and of course, to keep on running!).  I’ve signed up for one Spring race so far – the Garden State 10 Miler, a brand new race at the end of march, but plan to add more short races throughout spring and summer, hopefully trying out some new courses along the way in the 5k-10k distance range.


I have a DeskCycle at work now, and a new FitDesk that I put in my bedroom: the plan is to use both when working and at home while on my laptop doing schoolwork or teaching my online class. In addition, I hope to add more steps on a daily basis: walk a little at lunch, etc – and once the semester begins (the pool is closed while students are gone), get into a regular swimming schedule as well. I’m hoping these additions will be enough kick start this small change. I’m not sure I can dedicate a ton more time to working out, since I’m currently working two jobs and am a student as well, but these little things seem manageable. If those don’t work, I can also add back the p90x3 strength training that I’ve tried before and felt pretty good about. Either way, I need to feel a little less fluffy. Not because I don’t look fine, but because I also need to feel fine.


In real life (you know, not-running-life), in the Spring I hope to be admitted to matriculate fully into the Education Doctoral program that I’ve been taking classes toward. This would mean full-steam-ahead as of Summer 2017, with an Ed.D completed hopefully in about 3 years.

Aaaaaaaaaand my backup plan if I don’t get admitted? I will most certainly be adopting a dog, because being in school multiple nights a week is the only thing holding me back right now  🙂

In addition, while I’m not looking forward to it, I know that I’ll have to dip my toes into the dating waters. I’m not looking forward to this: dating at 35 sounds completely awful, as if it wasn’t awful enough back in my 20’s. But I know it will eventually be something I need to do, and make an effort at, since everyone I know is married, coupled, and/or with kids. I’m not there yet, but I’ll get there. Hopefully with a better ‘tude by the time I do 🙂


2017 stacks up to be busy, but on an upward swing. So what will you do in the new year?


16 thoughts on “2017: Nowhere to go but UP

  1. You know what? You’ve got this! I think you have a great outlook for this year and I happen to know that dogs really DO make everything better so when you’re ready for one, I vote you do that! ❤ Sending you all the good vibes and I hope that we'll be seeing each other at a NJ race ASAP.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I am fighting with every bit of my being to not walk into the Monmouth County SPCA and take home a dog…. but I know if I get into the EdD program, I won’t have the time I need to care for it. Sooo… we shall see what happens 🙂 2017 FOR THE WIN! I hope we cross paths soon as well, would love to put a face to a name!


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