Back on that (training) Roller Coaster!

I’ve officially started training for the Garden State 10 Miler, a brand new race here in NJ.  My plan for this year is to sub this instead of my usual spring Half, and then spend April, May, and June focusing on the 5 mile to 10k distance and trying to get a bit faster that I was last year. Last spring and fall were pretty slow for me, so I really want to see some better times this year.Also, the 10 mile race is brand new, so the field could be pretty small: so I had better get my back-of-the-pack self in gear!
Of course, my training has – in only two short weeks – felt like a roller coaster already: similar to what I experienced in the Fall, I’ve already had one GOOD run and one BAD run: a great 5 mile and a terrible 6 miler. I’m honestly quite confused. The weather wasn’t terrible for either: pretty chilly on the 6 miler, but no precipitation, and my breathing felt perfectly fine. My legs, on the other hand…. Ugh. I had gone to bed early, had a good dinner the night before, and hydrated well. Meanwhile, the week prior after a night of drinking wine and eating things like wings and quesadillas, my 5 miler went AWESOME!

What… the … schnitzel?

My mid-week runs are consistently in the high 11’s and low 12’s. Nowhere near the paces for that 6 miler up there!

I thought it was possible that the medication that I take for my stomach was having an impact on my legs in the Fall, so I simply didn’t take it before these two runs, cutting out that variable. I took an extra Imodium instead to get me through, and figured I’ll see how it goes. Well, it went great one week and terribly the next.  Crap!


Yea… that’s how I felt. Defeated.

Honestly, this is super frustrating to see the exact same problems I was having in the fall keep repeating themselves. I’ve been making a conscious effort to work harder and in new ways, not only to get myself back to a happier weight but also to try to combat some of those issues I was having. I’ve added the desk cycle at work, I’ve been getting my buns back into the pool consistently, and I’m even trying to do wacky things like stretch more and a little yoga to try to build up my core a bit.

I’m really, really hoping this weekend’s 6 miles go better. I need some hope and to see some progress. I need a little optimism in my (running) life right now, my friends!  Tell me, when you see ups and downs like this, how do you get through them mentally and physically? What gets you over the hump?


9 thoughts on “Back on that (training) Roller Coaster!

  1. Honestly, the exact same thing happens to me. When I find that I’m stuck in a rut, sometimes I’ll just go for an easy run: maybe only a couple miles. I’ll count this as a recovery run. I do this, because it lowers my expectations, and lets me feel like I can actually do it!

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  2. When I’m getting back into the groove, I find the same thing happening with my runs. Don’t despair, as you continue on you’ll get back to where you want to be!

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    • I really hope so! I was really up and down with my Fall runs, and then ended up being sick as a dog on race day, so i didn’t get a feel for what my real effort might have been. Hoping for better this Spring!

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  3. Sounds like an excellent plan. I sound a little self-serving when I say this because I’m essentially doing the same thing. My current training is focused on getting faster at the 5K, so it would lead to a faster half. I hadn’t been able to do this the last couple of years because of marathon training, and I’m frustrated by the stagnation of my half times. Here’s to a faster us in 2017!

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  4. I hate when runs feel so different from day to day… but I keep telling myself that this is normal and that I just have to keep at it (and try to go without expectations…. just getting out the door is a victory!).


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