Spring ’17 Race Goals: GS10, Newport 10k, & SL5



Just like that, the spring race schedule has taken shape for me!

I’ve already written about my “long” race goal this Spring (GS10 late March), for which my training has already begun, with its ups and downs.

Then, I signed up for the Spring Lake 5 miler which is a favorite, Memorial Day weekend.

But what about between March and the end of May?

Well, I woke to an email this morning that I’ve been invited to be a blog partner for the Newport 10k on May 6th, which is perfect placement between these races! 

I stumbled upon this race last year, by winning an entry.  I had not even heard of it prior!  Turns out it was my kind of race: easy to get to, easy parking, lots of support, and most importantly, FLAT! (I wrote a full review of the 2016 race here – check it out if you’re looking for a May 10k in Jersey) As a back of the pack runner, I always worry about new races: will there be anyone at my pace? I was most pleasantly surprised to find that I was never alone in this race.  I finished around 1:10 last year- and I’m not sure I’ll be able to do that again this year, BUT I feel confident that even if I’m running 12’s or 13’s I won’t be alone.


So here are my races/goals:

Garden State 10 miler, March 26th:  Finish!  My long runs have been very up and down, so honestly, we’ll see how I feel race day! This is a new race, and it makes me nervous, but the goal is to finish. Hopefully squeak with mile paces in the 12s, not 13s.

Newport 10k, May 6th: Push for low 12 minute miles or less! Last year’s pace was 11:25 average, and I really crashed the last mile- keep strong and steady the whole 6.2.

Spring Lake 5 mi, May 27th: Improve over last year, no walking except water breaks! This is a tough one because last year was very, very hot. I finished much slower than I would have liked (and slower than in previous years), and definitely felt like I was dying.

Training wise, the plan is to keep it slow and steady leading up to GS10. I currently do long runs, an easy run, and a day of intervals, along with swimming. The goal after the GS10, however, will be to use that race’s endurance to work more speed after it: more interval work, focus on running faster while maintaining the appropriate distance.

I’m super excited to have a solid set of goals in the future, and while I’ve been fretting over my long runs and the roller coaster of paces that has come with them, being able to think past that to the 10k and 5 mile goals is somewhat comforting.  The idea of starting long and slowly building down in mileage (while hopefully gaining speed) is something different and new for me, and I’m looking forward to it.


Off to the races!!!!

How is your spring race schedule shaping up? Anything you’re particularly excited for? Lets DO THIS!!


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