I’ve Come to Talk with You Again

Well, hello my friends! That was an unexpected break from the blogosphere – so my apologies. I was on vacation last week and the week prior was, well, insane!  None the less, fear not: I’m back!

When we last left off two weeks ago, I was onto my last 8 mile run before THIS SUNDAY’s 10 mile race. I ended up hitting a 12:46 pace, which isn’t far off from my pace the previous week. It felt just “okayish.” Not terrible, I didn’t walk nearly as much as the week before – but still not great. It all still feels a lot harder than it should: like every run is a challenge, like I am breathing hard from the very start of each run (even the short ones!). After that, my final real run was last Saturday, a 6 miler that ended up at 12:39 average pace. About the same: not easy, not even one bit, but not the worst ever. Hopefully I’ve shaken out all of the “Worst Ever” runs.

Then, my running plans last week (on vacation of course!) got mostly foiled: I started my vacation off right with a run on Monday, then we got hit with a slew of snow/sleet on Tuesday, leaving the roads crappy through Wednesday. By Thursday, I pushed my next run off til Friday to take care of a few doctor’s things, and on Friday… I got a stomach virus and let’s just say I didn’t leave the house (or the vicinity of the bathroom) for 48 hours. Sunday, I was thankfully feeling better but wanted to be careful to not push it. I’ve done the training. I’ll shake it out this week now that I’m back on the up and up, but better to not knock myself out. My legs can carry me, that I know.


Now (already!) this Sunday is the Garden State 10 miler!

Am I nervous? Absolutely.

Can I run the distance? Absolutely.

I’m mostly nervous because this is a new, small race: as far as I know it is less than 1000 entrants: which, at my pace, usually means I’ll be running alone most of the race. As a bonus, I know most of the course as I used to live in the area.

What do I do to quell my nerves?

Outfit plan, of course (PS- my discount codes are on the sidebar if you’re shopping too–>)!!  Currently the weather is saying showers and about 40 on race morning (and of course, sunny and 60s the day prior, WTF?). I can handle this, I’m just hoping it isn’t any chillier, since that is when it would start getting really miserable. At the moment, my outfit plan includes two major items: these incredibly adorable Skirt Sports Pocketopia capris:


I mean, I probably won’t bring the beer… probably.

And since I didn’t have a sock to match (WHAT?!), I picked up a pair of Crazy Compression sleeves in Pink Tie Dye to complete the look.


At the moment, I’m sad to report that there is a strong likelihood my top will be a boooooring raincoat, so no cute tops. Good thing I’ll be maxing out my cute factor from the waist down 🙂

As for me, until Sunday, it is a little shakeout mid-week, lots of rest, good food, and hydration.

Also, I have to note that I was super inspired by all of you awesome NYC Halfers and Shamrockers and other racers out there rocking it and posting up on Instagram as I was laying around feeling sick this weekend—so thank you for being AWESOME and getting it done out there in what was chilly and/or nasty weather in some areas!!

See you on the flipside… with a hopefully positive race report to fill you all in on!


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