Building a Season

Now that my long goal race is over (GS10, last month), it is time to think ahead! I mentioned a few posts back that my goal after the GS10 was to gain speed. That is still the goal. In fact, I completely crushed my 4×800 intervals last week, with each interval UNDER 10 minute mile pace, which is crazy fast for me. I’m planning to keep pushing it on interval day in the hopes that overall my pace will improve. Some days still feel super sucky, but hey, that’s running, right? Since my long race is out of the way, I’ve planned out a bit more of my spring into summer. The two longer races are the Newport 10k and Spring Lake 5 that I mentioned earlier, but I’ve added some 5ks or shorter into the mix as well. I still have to develop my late summer/fall schedule, but so far, this is what I’ve got:


Saturday, May 6 – Newport 10k

-Fast, flat, easy parking and awesome views toward the end! I ran this race last year and am excited to run it again and hopefully come close to (or beat!) my time.


at Newport last year!

Saturday, May 20 – Follow Me 5k

-Not sure if this is new or just new-to-me, but it is in my town AND on a morning I’d planned a little day trip with my BFF. We’ll kick the day off with the race and then get a move on! I’m thinking this race will be teeny tiny, and maybe, just maybe, my speedy BFF might sneak in to an AG category 🙂

Saturday, May 27 – Spring Lake 5

-Always a favorite of mine. Looking to beat last year’s time, which was my slowest in all the years I’ve run this race. It was also excruciatingly hot last year, so I’m hopeful.


Hope its a weeeeee bit cooler this year!

Sunday, June 4 – Stomp the Monster 5k

-I unexpectedly ran this race in under 11 minute miles last year. I’m not sure I’m there yet, but regardless it’s a quick course. Also it brings in a lot of local families/non-runners, so it is nice that there is always company at the back of the pack for a local race. I’m getting my BFF to come too this year, so I have someone to have a beer or two in the beer garden with!

Saturday, June 24 – MS Muckfest

-Fun, pure fun, for a charity I’ve donated to for years. My maternal grandmother, who passed when I was 16, had MS, so it is a charity close to my heart. I’m hoping my wimpy, lacking in upper body strength self can hang!

Tuesday, July 4 – Firecracker 5k

-The race that motivated me to start running, a zillion years ago.

August????? September??? TBD!

Saturday, Oct 21 – Grape Gallop

-This will be a new race for me! They offer a 2 or 3.5 mile course through a vineyard, and then wine tasting and food trucks after. The race organizers contacted me to give their race a try and I am happy to do so – running and wine?!? OF COURSE I’m in! I’m really looking forward to a change of pace from my usual road races. I looked up some reviews of other racers and chose the 2 mile option because it sounds like the terrain is a little more hilly/ XC than I am used to! They also have races on April 23th (NJ) and Aug 12 (Long Island) – if you’re interested in trying one, use my coupon code for $3 off: SLOWSHEEP17


I fully intend to add more between August/September/October. I’ll see how I feel this fall: I’m thinking I might be a little bit burned out on the half marathon distance, maybe this is the year I go for 10 milers or less – maybe even 10ks as my goal races?  Maybe consider the Trenton Half’s 10k option? I ran that race a few years back but found the course of the half to be kind of boring – might not mind it for one less hour on the highway.


If you’re in the NJ/PA/NY area, what is your favorite FALL race between 5 and 10 miles? What do you love about it? As you know, I’m a dedicated back of the packer, so I prefer races where there are a decent amount of folks in the 11-13 minute mile area… Even better when there are walkers bringing up the rear! 


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