Follow Me 5k – Race Recap

I will admit, I was a terrible blogger for this race! I took zero pictures. Seriously, zero.

The Follow Me 5k was a brand new race in my hometown. It runs the same course as the long-standing race in the town, the Firecracker 5k on July 4th (reviewed here: 2016 ).

My best friend and I also planned a Lady Date Day on this day, so we just started the day with the race! Isn’t it lovely when your BFF is also your BRF? We walked down from my house to the start, which was set up with tents and vendors. Along with the race t-shirt, they gave away drawstring bags with American flags and temporary flag tattoos in them – cute touch. I added a free toothbrush and toothpaste from one of the groups tabling because #YOLO. Oddly, the race t-shirts had two logos on them… which fell directly on the boobs. Awkwardly so. Clearly, this shirt was designed by a man – LOL. Soooo I’ll be wearing that to sleep in!!

They had indoor restrooms at the American Legion pavilion, where the race start area was, which was a nice tough. This race had less than 200 runners, so I think if it grows they will have to add port-o-potties, but at the size it was, the two stalls was plenty.  The course itself was well-marked, with little stakes in the ground and some road paint, as well as volunteers at each turn. I knew the course by heart because of the 4th of July race, but even if I hadn’t I could not have gotten lost. Afterward, we made it back in and it started to rain! Those vendor tents came in handy for sure right then, before it was time to brave the rain and walk home. They had a good variety of snacks after the race too – the usual bagels, bananas and water, but also some fruit juices like OJ and oranges as well. Overall, well done for a first race.

As for my own race/time, it was perfect running weather! This race is fairly hilly. Not much overall gain, but multiple hills throughout the course. I know them well, and no matter what, I always walk at least one (and I’ve been running this course for years!). So timing-wise, I didn’t go into this expecting as fast of a time as I had at Patrick’s Pals 5k a few weeks ago, which was darn near pancake flat. I was just hoping to stay under 11 minute miles, since that is my current “race pace” goal. I’m consistently running about 11:30s on my mid-week runs, so I expect to stay in the 10’s for 5ks.

I was quite happy with my final results. As with the last two races, it felt hard, but not so hard that I couldn’t keep going. While first mile has only one small hill in it, the middle mile contains two tough (for me) hills, and the third has another hill in it too, so understandably my time fell a bit on those. I really thought I’d end up squeaking in just under 11 minute mile average, so I was happy/surprised to find that my time was pretty close to the last 5k time, on a tougher course. In truth, I’m totally happy with these results. This coming Saturday is the Spring Lake 5 miler, and while I have no allusions of PRing or anything, I would like to keep MOST of my miles under 11 minutes, and see if I can stick to that. Weather should be on-point, and the course is super flat.

Oh, and as for the rest of lady date day…. two breweries (Screamin’ Hill and Wet Ticket) and some delicious food… of course I took pictures of those!!


Anyone of my NJ/NY readers running the Spring Lake Five this weekend?? 


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