Taking the Long Way Home

Hello again! It has been about a month, and I’ve been away from the blog – but for good reason…

Life happened.

However, while life happened to me last summer too, this year I caused it. Out with the 2016 life-happened-to-me bullshit, in with the 2017 I-made-life-happen!

From June through July I not only finished some doctoral course work, but also BOUGHT A HOUSE.

Check one off the list of life goals.

Bought a goddamned house myself.


What most of you don’t know is that this was my seventh move in 13 years. I’ve moved from apartment to apartment since I finished college in 2004, for a variety of reasons. All the while, three single solid goals remained steadfast:

  1. Get a dog (which I did, RIP Brixton, 2006-2016 – and I will again in a few years)
  2. Get my doctorate (workin’ on it… ETA 2020)
  3. Buy a house of my own

Seriously, those have been the three consistent goals of my adult life. Given my public educator salary, and the housing prices in Central NJ, I had some serious doubts that I’d be able to do the last one anytime soon, especially being single again. However, over those 13 years I’ve also been ever-so-slowly socking away cash for a down payment. After moving last year, and living in my tiny 1 br apartment… I started seriously considering the housing market. My price range was low for my area, so nearly everything I looked at had HUGE flaws: as in leaky roofs, holes in walls, basements with floods in them. However, on Mother’s Day weekend this year, lightning finally struck.

This adorable little bungalow, though uncared for, was in my price range, had good bones and was in the exact location I wanted. Even better? It was on a quiet street with no neighbors across (just a little park and ballfield!).  It definitely needed work, but 80% was cosmetic, and that I could do.



By some miracle, I closed in 45 days, on June 30th, and have been renovating ever since. And, like most homeowners, I’ll probably be working on it for a very, very long time. But I’m both relieved and excited at the very same time! No more throwing away money on rent!

And so, friends, that is where I’ve been for the last month. Renovating and controlling my own freaking destiny.



13 thoughts on “Taking the Long Way Home

    • Thank you!! I can’t wait to have one again. It was the absolute best. I fight every day to not go rescue a new little furbaby – but I know I need to wait until I am done with school to be smart about it 🙂

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