Where Have You Been?!?!

Okay, so my last post was supposed to be my great return to the blogging world… clearly, that went really well.


Did I mention that I also started a new job along with buying a house, renovating it, and moving into it? Also true.

So, by this point I’m pretty well settled and, like all homeowners, will be doing little projects on the weekends until I die.

BUT I’M RUNNING AGAIN! With meaning, even!

See? I’m running.

I’ve gotten myself into a decent schedule, back to running 4ish days a week, with one day of speed work. The speedwork was where I really felt I had the most gains in the spring, so I’m dedicating myself to that right now.

My running schedule for the Fall includes only short distances, since I didn’t know what would be going on – so the goal is to try to run some times that I am happy with, rather than slogging through long miles.

My race schedule is:

Seaside Semper Five (k) – Sept 16th

  • This little small town race is the one that got bombed last year. Read my account here.

Millie’s Pizza Run 10k – October 1

  • Yep, pizza. AND a pizza MEDAL! Had to!

Grape Gallop (2 Mile option)  – October 21

  • New distance, WINE, yay! Run hard, all the way. New PR either way, baby!
  • PS – use discount code SLOWSHEEP17 for $3 off the race fee


Honestly, these races are mostly for fun. It has been a busy summer, and I’m enjoying getting back into a running schedule and just… letting it loose and seeing what happens when I race this year.  My intervals have been picking up speed (compared to a few weeks ago, still not where I was in the spring, but whatever – my Insta has the details), so I’m hoping things go well.


How the heck have you all been? What’s up, friends? Drop me a line in the comments. Sorry I’ve been so MIA!!


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