Fall Reflection: Pre-10k

Since this Sunday will be my longest run of the Fall season (Millie’s Pizza Run 10k, a brand new race), I thought it would be a good time to sit back, reflect, and look at some numbers.

This fall was a unique fall for me: I found on in the Spring that not only would I be purchasing (and renovating) a home and moving, but also taking multiple classes toward my doctoral degree. I took this into account when fall planning and straight up backed off. Normally I’d run a half or a 10 miler in the Fall. This year, I figured a 10k would be plenty and I could focus on getting myself back at a speed I was happy with after what was likely to be a summer with some very very unstructured running activities.

I was pretty spot-on with that prediction, and am quite happy with the way I planned this out. Through the spotty summer I kept up a slow 3 mile base of running, and once I was all moved in I started throwing in some speed work once a week to get a teensy bit faster. Then, instead of just 5ks I threw in 4-5 miles each weekend just to make sure I could do it by the time this Sunday rolled around. Really, quite minimal “training” honestly, but surprisingly, my runs were pretty darn consistent:

8/20, first run over 5k in months:



9/10 (what up, speedy??)


9/17 – post all out hot 5k the day prior, flat on the boardwalk though 



Based on these, my race day goal is to try to keep it under 12 minute pace overall. The race is an 11 am start, which weirds me out a little bit, but since it is only 10k I’m not too worried. If it were a half marathon I’d be super freaked out about fueling and whatnot. And what’s to worry about – there’s pizza at the finish. I’m just doing two 5ks in a row, then I’m going to get a pizza medal and eat all the pizza, so it’ll be fine. Right? This will be only my third 10k ever, and the first two were on the same very flat course (Newport 10k in Jersey City) so I’ll be curious to see how this goes!


Alright runfriends… give me your tips. How do you cope with later start races? What’s your strategy?


3 thoughts on “Fall Reflection: Pre-10k

  1. Yay for consistency!

    The pizza 10K looks good and who can say no to pizza! I’ve never done any of the timing company’s races, but some of my friends have, and they had a good time, so I think it’ll be a good race. Good luck to you and have a wonderful time!


    • I’m usually a “get up and go ” kinda girl – like I want it overwith asap! I def felt kinda oddly heavy for the first mile, whereas 8 or 9 am I usually don’t! It wasn’t bad but prob not my first choice


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