Winter’s Closing In

Here in the Northeast winter seems to have arrived just a week or two ago, along with it the darkness by the time I pull into my driveway after work and the ear warmered-and-gloved running. Some days it feels like Fall went too quickly!

Where is my running? Well, I’ve completed my goal race for the season (the Pizza 10k a few weeks back), WON a throw-in race (Grape Gallop), and am looking toward two 5ks: a turkey trot on Thursday, and an annual favorite the Big Chill in December. Neither are planned to be PRs or any sort of goals – both will be fun to dress festively and just get out and have fun. My BFF (who is also my BRF) will be with me for the Turkey Trot, and my mother will be with me for the Big Chill!

Aside from those races, I’m mostly just… running when I feel like it, and however fast or slow I feel. I’m not going to engage in any sort of training plan right now, and just ride out the winter. I will certainly keep active and keep around a 3 mile base (so that beginning training late January for the April Fool’s Half in April isn’t too painful!). I’ll be honest, I’m enjoying (as I always do) that I can just bail on a run when I feel like it – if it’s too chilly out or too dark or windy, or I don’t feel like hitting the treadmill that day – no guilt.

Even more importantly, there will also be a significant amount of cooking/baking going down this week! My family does a mish-mosh of items for Thanksgiving, from the usual turkey and mashed to ham, lasagna, salads, etc.

I’ll be contributing a dish that I’ve never made but is traditional in my family: Chicken Pot-Pie – BUT it isn’t what you might imagine with the little pie crusts. It is PA Dutch style, which is more of a stew/soup style pot-pie (something along these lines).  My grandmother, who was the maker of this in our family, passed in April so I thought it would be a nice way to keep her “at” the holiday table. We’ll see how it goes, but I figure it can’t mess it up TOO badly, right??

In addition, I’ll be throwing down some stuffed mushrooms (some Bacon and Cheddar and some classic sausage ones) and this Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bundt cake. Every single one is a new recipe for me, so wish me luck!

Tell me friends!

What are you running this holiday season?


What are you cooking for Thanksgiving??


3 thoughts on “Winter’s Closing In

  1. Have an AWESOME Thanksgiving! I’ll be hosting here this year but it will be fairly small – just immediate family. No Turkey Trot for me (none nearby) but I’m doing a Light Run in December so I’m really looking forward to that. And I’ll get outside and run the block on Thursday morning!

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    • And to you as well! Just family at home sounds lovely 🙂 I remember reading about your light run- I need to make up my own informal version of that in my neighborhood this year Bc that sounds like so much fun!


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