The Annual Holiday Wish List

Now that it is December 1, I’m all


As with the past couple of years, I include running items on my holiday wishlist – all of which I’m more than happy to share with you!

1.Of course, new running shoes! I need to replace by Hoka’s but haven’t bit the bullet. I’m complete in love with the orange Clifton 4’s – I’m loving that they’re carrying the colors onto the sole so they look more sleek!


2.Running Tights! My absolute favorite running tights from Skirt Sports (the Go The Distance tight) now have a fancier big sister – with leg pockets! Their Triple Pocket Tight has me drooooooling.


pic from website – use code 20WIN20 for 20% off!

3. A somewhat attractive running Rain Coat! I have a few but they’re pretty hideous and mostly of the windbreaker/raincoat combo type. I’ve been googling around and really like the style of this one:

61iomgqikil-_sl1100_4. Garmin Vivoactive 3 – soooo I don’t really NEED this one, but I love that the new vivoactive has the HR built in AND looks more like a regular watch than the previous HR! Swoon.

5. The best running sports bra!  Okay, so I haven’t actually figured this one out yet. This is where I need your help! I’ve been in search of the perfect running sports bra for the past six months. My old favorites were the Champion compression ones with the thick bottom band from Target – which they’ve stopped selling.

My needs are:

  • Compressive! I don’t care about boob separation – I care about keeping those babies DOWN and tight to my body.
  • Must come in XL/36D size.
  • High Impact!
  • Thick band on the bottom and NO seamless bras. My girls always sneak down under the band of bras that have weak/seamless bottom bands.
  • Racerback style preferred

Help a girl out here – TELL ME WHAT YOU BRAS YOU LOVE!


What is on your holiday wish list this year?


5 thoughts on “The Annual Holiday Wish List

  1. Thanks for the great Christmas Wish List! I found a few items that I may need as well!

    I have the similar bra needs … don’t care about separation, just need the compression to stop the bounce. And I have no desire to wear multiple sports bras as some of my friends do to get a decent level of compression.

    My go-to is Juno by Moving Comfort (Brooks).

    Recently purchased a Lynx sportsbra, which I have fallen in love with:
    Great small business and very helpful if you have questions about sizing.

    Good luck!

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      • For me, the Lynx Racerback and Crossback are better for running/high impact.
        I recently picked up the Ladderback that I don’t run in, but has good compression for medium impact activites and yoga – more movement yet no flopping around in downward dog!
        And, as a bigger girl, I like that the Ladderback (as well as the Crossback) give me some of the fun strappiness that I simply cannot wear in the traditional sportsbra market.

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  2. Oh that raincoat is really cute, love the color! I need something like this as well.

    And the Garmin Vivoactive looks really nice! I have a Forerunner 235 and am superhappy with it, but if I ever look to replace it, I might put the Vivoactive on my list 🙂 esp. since it has the HR built in now.

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