2017 – Run all the races, Do all the things

2017 was a helluva year… and I’m not even talking about the world (let’s not go there!). Personally, life changed A LOT for me in 2017. This was quite good though, because if you look back you’ll find that 2016 was a dumpster fire for me.

In 2017:

I bought my first home, all by my damn self.

With the help of family and friends, we renovated said House.

Oof, that kitchen.

I could not handle the faux brick living room wall. At all.

It is still a work in progress but it is adorable and I love it.

A backsplash eventually happened, as did upper doors!

Faux brick, hidden with modern paint. All the cozy.

Then, of course, I had to actually move all my crap into that house. Remember when I moved in 2016, too? This year was better/easier. Mostly because I was moving by choice, not by consequence.

I changed jobs in August. Yep. Longer days, more work… but definitely the right move.

I officially matriculated into the doctorate program I’ve been working on since 2015. That meant more classes than just one at a time!

I really thought my running was going to be the thing that suffered or that I “let go” of. Well, turns out when counting this morning I somehow managed to match my biggest racing year ever (in pure numbers of race bibs, not distance or speed).

I was surprised to find that I took home TWELVE race bibs this year: 1-2miler, 7-5ks, 1-5miler, 2-10ks, and 1-10miler. It wasn’t my fastest year (oof- that was back in ‘09) or the longest (no half’s this year!) – but somehow, through all of those major life changes I am proud that I still kept running and racing.

In fact, 7 of those 12 races were completely new-to-me races! Turkey trot, Grape Gallop, Pizza 10k, Muckfest, Follow Me 5k, Patrick’s Pals , and Garden State 10 – who knew I was so daring this year! Apparently I go all-in for change when it starts happening.

Oh, and remember when I WON that 2 miler at the Grape Gallop? Surely not to be forgotten.

What next?

In 2018, my goals are pretty simple- add one extra mile to one of my regular weekday runs each week (to get my yearly total easily over 500 next year!), and do push-ups every night.

I had been getting good at my upper body strength last year, but let that go with the craziness this year. So those are the simple goals.


A most sincere thank you to all of you for reading and for those of you who blog as well- THANK YOU!! I haven’t been able to read and write as much on the blogs as in past years but I love that you’re all still just as supportive when I’m able to tune back in. Cheers to all of you, and wishes for a wonderful 2018.




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