Next Stop: Atlantic City April Fool’s Half Marathon

Welp, I’m still one of those runners who looks forward to the taper.


Get over it.

This training season, somehow I managed to run my two highest mileage months in two years: in March I ran 73.4 miles, and in April I ran 60 miles. That is awesome for me! I am not a high mileage runner, I do what I can do. And while I didn’t make it a full double digit run like I usually do for half training seasons (no 10 miler), I did run FIVE 8 milers. I was supposed to have long runs of 7, 8, 8, 10, 8 – and instead, the first 7 miler became an 8 when I had to run to my parents’ house to get a ride home, and the 10 miler got knocked down to 8 because… well… it sucked. Soooo this is the year of crazy 8s!


My training in general was mediocre: I kept consistent, and logged a lot of miles, and kept doing my speedwork once a week (on the treadmill). All of my long runs, except one that involved jumping lots of snow piles, were in the 12 minute mile range, mostly in the 12:30-12:40s. Which is a-ok with me. They all felt hard, but they always do. I always feel accomplished after long runs, but this season had a very sloggy, mentally taxing-feel about it, as opposed to an “I can take on the world” feel. I never had a long run where my mind just wandered and I was suddenly 4 miles further along. I felt every. single. mile.


Also, an infuriating amount of COLD runs.

I know that crossing the line after a long, hard training cycle will be worth it. I have absolutely no expectations as to time for the race – I just want to finish healthy and strong. I know it will be hard, it always is.


However, I do think after this training cycle, I will probably lean toward 10k or max 10 miler in the Fall. This training cycle felt mentally tough, and I want to go back to having fun – and 10kish sounds more like that. In the meantime, though, I am ABSOLUTELY looking forward to summer races: 5ks everywhere! All the 5ks! Plus one fabulous 5 miler (Spring Lake, always!).



For now, I’m enjoying the taper laziness… and I can’t wait to get to Sunday, April 15th, to get that medal and that beer and call myself a winner for the day 🙂


What are YOU looking forward to being done with?

How do you get out of a mentally tough running season?


2 thoughts on “Next Stop: Atlantic City April Fool’s Half Marathon

  1. Ugh, I had more runs where I felt every single mile lately than I care to admit…. these runs are hard. I hope the wind will change and runs start feeling easier again!

    Good luck on your race!

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