Millie’s Pizza Run 10k – Race Recap

In planning for fall, this brand-spanking-new race came across my email, and it intrigued me. There are a number of reasons that this race appealed to me:

Millie’s Pizza Run 10k was:

  • Run by a company I had raced for before (the Pre-Game 4 Miler I ran in 2016 is also run by Superhero Events)
  • Fairly close by (about 45 mins from me, in Madison, NJ)
  • Cheap when I signed up ($22.55 after fees back in May)
  • AND offered PIZZA and a PIZZA MEDAL at the end!


What more could a lady ask for?

As it turns out, there were ALSO free pics involved! It was the right length, a good date, and a company I knew was experienced and wouldn’t put on a bomb of a race even if it was the first of this particular race.


The race itself began a little bit later than usual, 11am. Luckily, the weather cooled down and it was pretty much perfect weather on race day. Parking was nearby on side streets, though the race did have a bussed parking lot a little bit further away for later comers. I’m a neurotic early bird, so we got great parking. My mom and BFF joined me for the race, and my father actually came along for once and snagged some great pics!

Everyone getting all set up!

We got in early and grabbed our t-shirts and bibs, however, I remembered something as I could not figure out for the life of me why I would have ordered a MEN’s large instead of a WOMEN’s XL. Well, then it occurred to me that during race sign up there had been NO women’s sizes over Large. When I asked to exchange on race day they confirmed the same – women’s shirts only went to LARGE.


What…. The …. F?

I’m sorry, but a women’s XL is not an abnormally large or tiny shirt that no one would want. There were plenty of women at the race for whom an XL or XXL would have been appropriate, just like me. It was actually a cute grey shirt with a V-neck for the ladies (I know, because my mom got one). Instead I got a crew neck man’s shirt that I won’t wear nearly as much. I don’t understand why they couldn’t just order a bigger size or two, and honestly, I was pretty pissed about this. Don’t make me feel like I don’t belong at a race because I’m “too big” for you to have ordered shirts for “my kind” of women. Whatever. I’m sure that wasn’t the intention, but I’m putting it out there that this is the message that gets sent. Either don’t dangle the “Women’s size shirts” carrot at all (and make us all have men’s) OR order a normal run of sizes!! #rantover

None the less, I moved past this and waited in the portopotty lines like the runner that I am. There were plenty of potties, though the line did get long just before the start.

Start area

Unceremoniously, off we went!

The course started and finished next to a Senior Living area and a soccer field. In between, it looped around an office park called Giraldia Farms. The first loop was out on the street, and the second on the inside paved pathway.


The crowd during Mile 1-2. Not bad!

The course itself was pleasant with the exception of ONE  half mile long hill…. Which because it was a loop, we had to run twice. Now, I’m familiar with the area so I definitely didn’t go into the race thinking it would be flat. The first time around, just after mile 2, I kept a mid-12 pace for the hill – BUT knew I’d have to repeat it much later. The hill was a bit demoralizing hitting it just after the mile five marker – though mile 4 just prior had been an SWEET downhill. While it was tough, the times actually balanced out well. Take a look at my splits and you can see the downhill and the uphill clearly on each loop:

I was proud that I only got lapped by the top TWO finishers! So that meant only TWO people were running half my pace (LOL).


In addition, many folks had on super hero or pizza themed costumes, which I loved! As a back of the packer, it was wonderful that the spread of talent was vast. I was never alone at my pace, nor was my mom who was a few minutes behind me. That is always a good thing at a race. I did enjoy the course, and the event was well organized.

Free race photos, baby!

After finishing, we grabbed our PIZZA MEDALS and two slices of delicious pizza! Well worth it!  The race info had said there would be multiple food trucks but it seemed like only a vegetarian one, Omninom was the only truck that showed up. That’s okay, because I had plenty of pizza!


Overall, I enjoyed this race. It wasn’t my fastest 10k time but I was pretty proud of how I held on despite that hill (being a hill wimp and all). It was well-organized, and while I take issue with the shirt sizing, the pizza medal was super cute and free pics are always awesome!